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Thirty one? May 10, 2014

Can it be true?

A year has passed?

I am officially in my 30’s now?

Tis true!

Well, come tomorrow it will be true.

My 31st birthday lands on Mother’s Day this year.

This year will be very uneventful since my hubby is away and I have kiddos with colds.

I really can’t complain though because last year was a birthday for the history books!

My sister Mandy with help from my mom threw me the biggest bash!

It was a themed costume party.(My favorite kind of party!)

The theme was HOLLYWOOD!!

IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3801

I just have to say, my family and friends are the absolute best!

They all came and almost everybody dressed up!

We know how to have a good time!


My family went as the cast from Mary Poppins!

Shane and I were of course Mary and Burt.

Jacob was the laughing Uncle. (The old man who floats on the ceiling because he has the giggles)

You will notice throughout all the pictures Jacob stayed in character all night!

Such a little ham!

Jonah and Jude were chimney sweeps.

Faith and Hope were the penguins.

It was so much fun putting costumes together for this party!

I was not involved with anything else except my costume.

Every other detail and decoration were all surprises.

I think the very best gift I was given this day was seeing my family and friend’s costumes!


This is my awesome sister and brother-in-law.

They were Rizzo and Kenickie from Grease.


Here is the whole clan.

My niece and nephews were Phineas and Ferb and Candace.

IMG_3806 IMG_3847 IMG_3912

My mom and her husband were Sonny and Cher!

They rocked these costumes!

IMG_3872 IMG_3873 IMG_3875

My brother and his wife were Phil and Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.

He had a little trouble doing the duck call with all that facial hair!

IMG_3835 IMG_3905 IMG_3903

My dad and his wife were Rooster Cogburn and Charlie Chaplin.

IMG_3976 IMG_3979 IMG_3983

My sister Kristi came as a Hollywood bombshell and she looked amazing!

All my friends that showed up rocked some sweet costumes……



IMG_3997 IMG_3994IMG_3864IMG_3940 IMG_3908 IMG_3902  IMG_3792

We had Pippy Longstockings, Princess Buttercup & Wesley, Jason Bourne & Princess Buttercup, Dale Evans & Roy Rodgers, Lieutenant John McClane  from Die Hard, and of course all the Avengers!

My great friends from North Dakota couldn’t be there but they took some pictures all dressed up and made a poster for me.

See? What did I tell you, I have awesome friends and family!

We had such a fun time dancing to all the show tunes and eating and drinking till late in the night.

IMG_4070_edited-1 IMG_4070 IMG_4061 IMG_4059 IMG_4057 IMG_4054 IMG_4023 IMG_4016 IMG_3958 IMG_3927 IMG_3924 IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3889 IMG_3888 IMG_3887 IMG_3879 IMG_3877 IMG_3867 IMG_3852 IMG_3838 IMG_3832 IMG_3825

Everyone was beat by the end of the night!


It was an amazing evening!

One I will never forget.

IMG_3823 IMG_3822 IMG_3820


Or live down…….



Photoshoot! May 6, 2014

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The first week with Temperance flew bye.

I figured I should probably have a photo shoot before I blinked and she was 5.

And as all my readers know, I love to take pictures.

Lots of them….



.IMG_1102_edited-1 IMG_1088


.IMG_1072 IMG_1109 IMG_1127 IMG_1132 IMG_1140


.IMG_1132_B&W IMG_1225_edited-1 IMG_1214 IMG_1190_with text




I had to take the opportunity to try to get a group shot of all my sweet kiddos.

I actually had success!!

They all cooperated and I managed to capture some very precious photos.


.IMG_1236_edited-1 IMG_1260_edited-1



I loved this shot but the next one was my absolute favorite.

All the kids had genuine smiles.

These smiles came about because, well……..

the baby farted!

They all thought it was hilarious!

That funny moment captured will always be one of my absolute favorite pictures.

So much love in this house.



February 2014. April 30, 2014

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As promised, I want to catch you up on the early part of our year.

January was very uneventful for us.

After moving and the holidays we decided to not do much except rest.

Pretty much all I was doing was waiting for baby number 6 to arrive!

Once February arrived I felt like surely any day my sweet baby would come.

I was due on the 4th after all.


We had a lovely Valentine’s Day on the 14th.





I was still pregnant then.



Then Hope had a lovely 3rd birthday!




I couldn’t believe she was already 3!

She still had a very strong passion for horses so her party decorations were all ponies.

She was in heaven!

For her dinner she chose a salad bar. (Her favorite food)

It was a fun evening with family.

IMG_2226 IMG_2231 IMG_2227 IMG_2222

IMG_2200 IMG_2194



I was also still pregnant on this day. (the 17th)




I really thought that my sweet baby was never going to come!

Well after a lot of issues with the midwife and having to switch over to a OB/GYN I was finally admitted to the hospital and induced on the 19th of February.

My Pitocin was started around 11pm.

My first hard contraction was at 3:15 am (now the 2oth)

My water broke at 3:25 am.

My sweet baby GIRL arrived at 5:01 am on the 20th of February


She was 2 weeks and 2 days over due!

She was a whopping 9lbs even and 22 inches long.

IMG_2268 IMG_2241 IMG_2238

The birth went so incredibly well! I was truly blessed.

We got to go home on the 20th.

Temperance had many anxious siblings waiting to meet her.

She also had one very anxious Grandma who was dying to meet her!

It was a special homecoming.

I captured the moment we revealed Temperance to them all.

IMG_0974 IMG_0976 IMG_0978 IMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0986 IMG_0987

After they ooohh and awed they all wanted their turn holding her.

Biggest brother was first.



Then Jonah.









Then Jude.







Then Faith.



IMG_2311 IMG_2324



Then Hope.







Then Finally Grandma got her anxious hands on her.

I think it was love at first sight.



It was such a special time for all of us.

A new blessing in our home to celebrate.

We could not be any happier.



Behold, children are the inheritance of the Lord,

and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

As are arrows in the hand of the strong man;

so are the children of youth.

Blessed is the man that hath his quiver full of them:

for they shall not be ashamed,

when they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127 3-5


2013 Nutshell. Time to catch up. April 27, 2014

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Where to even begin?

I have been a bad blogger. No posts in over a year! Sometimes life flies by and you can’t seem to catch up.

But I have made up my mind to be better at keeping up with the blog.

So a quick montage of 2013 is in order.

My last post was in February of 2013 so I thought it best to start from there.

Then I will cover our 2014 year. Hope you all enjoy it!






Hope turns 2!

IMG_2420 soft edit popUntitled-1

For her birthday she got to go see her Papa rope.

She gave some love to Trooper (my dads horse) that day.





MARCH 2013

In March we were super busy!

The weather was warming up so we did a lot of exploring on backroads.

2013-03-15 19.54.10 2013-03-16 07.59.46 IMG_0203 E IMG_0266 E IMG_0342 e IMG_0309 font edit IMG_0276

We also went to go see my brother and his wife for Easter.

We got to tour the Air Force museum and go on a beautiful hike.

Great family time!

IMG_3378 IMG_3447 IMG_3338 e IMG_3278 2 IMG_3264 IMG_3240





APRIL 2013

Faith turns 4!

4Faith IMG_3517 IMG_3550 IMG_3560 IMG_4390 2

 She had a candy shop party with lots of treats and was surprised with her first bike!





MAY 2013

I turned 30!!! I was given the most amazing party ever! A full post on this party will be posted soon.

It was just too awesome to recap.


JUNE 2013

We went camping in a beautiful area.

(Hope’s first time camping)

2013-06-19 13.30.13 2013-06-20 13.42.52-2 2013-06-20 16.17.10 2013-06-20 19.24.48

We went to Idaho to a beautiful vacation rental that we shared with our whole family to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!

The rental was near the Yellowstone National Park.

So we explored the park and enjoyed time together as a family.

IMG_5513 IMG_5201 IMG_5163 2013-05-31 06.38.26 2013-06-01 07.49.13

Then we announced some pretty exciting news to the world……..

IMG_6449_font 2


DUE IN FEB. 2014





JULY 2013

In July the home we were renting sold and we moved to another rental out in the country.

My kids liked the house because it had a great place to play in the mud.

2013-07-21 10.46.56 2013-07-21 10.47.55 2013-07-24 15.25.39 IMG_6170 IMG_6175 IMG_6181 IMG_6192

Then I got to see my baby sister! She was pregnant with my nephew Grayson during her visit.

My older sister and I threw her a baby shower and I got to take her lovely maternity photos.

She was a stunning momma to be.

IMG_6083_sunburst edit IMG_6067 IMG_6045_vintage tones IMG_5949






This month the boys got to march in the town parade with their boy scout troop.

2013-08-03 10.12.59 2013-08-03 10.13.06 2013-08-03 10.13.10

Then it was time for mom to take some new pictures for the year.

Everyone was changing and growing so much!

 IMG_6250 soft IMG_6333 IMG_6409 IMG_6425_edited-1 IMG_6576 EIMG_6216






The beginning of September was still very warm so we went to the lake.

We enjoyed some fun time in the sun.

IMG_6718 IMG_6726 IMG_6763 IMG_6781 IMG_6723

Then later in the month when things began to cool off we went to the 1st annual Harvest Party at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.

The kids got to help harvest the garden, make a scarecrow, bake a pie and enjoy little gifts and time with family.

So fun!

IMG_9120 IMG_9123 IMG_9150 IMG_9193 IMG_9221 IMG_9272 IMG_9286 IMG_9295 IMG_9345






An early snow and my new nephew!!

2013-10-04 07.13.14 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset






This was an unbelievably busy month.

Jacob and Jonah both had a birthday. Jacob turned 9 and Jonah turned 8!!

They had a solider birthday party with all their friends.

 2013-11-09 14.16.23 IMG_0498 IMG_0528

2013-11-01 07.16.52Jonah

Then we had a huge change.

We moved to Colorado!


Shane got a new job and to be closer to him we decided it was best to leave our beloved Wyoming and go to Colorado.

I was a lovely 6 1/2 months pregnant when we moved.

Baby was growing beautifully and the cravings were ever so present!

2013-11-30 20.50.34  hujbhu






Christmas came so quickly it seemed like I was scrambling to be ready for it.


IMG_0585 IMG_0857

Then we celebrated Jude’s 6th birthday!


IMG_0898 IMG_2030

So in a nutshell that is our crazy year.

As always it has been fast and furious but wonderful.

I will get you all caught up with 2014 this week.

Much love!!





Our Family Getaway. February 21, 2013

As many wives know it is really hard to have your husband gone for any amount of time.

I recently got my husband back from a month-long absence.

We were all so happy to have him back!

Now you would think that the last thing that he would want to do after being gone would be to go away again.

Well, that is not true for my husband.

Once he got home all we wanted to do was spend some quality time together as a family.

Oddly enough that can be difficult when you’re at home sometimes.

When we are home we have many obligations.

Home duties, school, errands, ect…ect.

So we both thought it would be really fun to get away somewhere that would be quiet and obligation free.

We instantly thought of my folk’s cabin near Jackson, Wy.

So I called up my folks and asked if we could go and they were happy to oblige.

So we packed up in a matter of a few hours and we were headed down the road.

Once we got there we went straight to bed and woke up the next day to a beautiful snowy environment.


This was the view out the back door.

Yeah, it was waist deep for my boys.

They LOVED it!!

The boys could not wait to get outside and play in the snow.

IMG_0098I went outside to fetch them to come and eat some breakfast and this is what they had been up to.

They had made a sledding hill.

Starting at the top of the garage then down the embankment into the driveway.

IMG_0103My happy little snow birds.


After breakfast we decided to go into Jackson since the kids had never been there.

Here are some scenery pictures from the drive:





Not a bad view at all right?

Once we got to Jackson we did a little shopping and then we drove to Teton Village.

We were thinking about going on the tram but decided we wanted to do the elk refuge sleigh ride instead and we would do the tram the next time we came.

As we were leaving Teton Village we saw some paragliders flying down the mountain side.

We stopped and let the kids watch them float down.


The kids thought it was so amazing and they all thought that they should do that.


I told them maybe when they are older.


After that we headed to go on our sleigh ride through the elk refuge.

If you have not done this it is definitely something you need to do.

It was awesome!


This is what the sleighs look like.


These were my adorable sleigh companions.


My sleigh had the cutest riders.

Just saying.

Oh and there was also some elk.

In the elk refuge…..





These two were giving us a wonderful sparing show!

They did this for about 15 minutes.

It was very gentle at first like they were practicing then they got serious and the one on the left bested the other.

It was a great show!


They are such huge and beautiful animals.

It was unreal being so close to them.

Awesome experience!


Here are the amazing horses that pulled our sleigh.

Huge and powerful horses.

Oh and our guide, he was awesome too!


After our sleigh ride we headed back to the cabin to relax and hang out.

So here are a few more scenery shots I took on the way back.


We saw some moose!

They were pretty far off so this is the best my camera could do.

 IMG_1977 -2


These ducks were camera-shy.


Jacob hopped out for a photo.


I love this shot.

God’s splendor is all I can think about when I have a view like this in front of my eyes.

IMG_2075 B&W


So pretty.

IMG_1991 IMG_1989

Once we got back to the cabin I snapped of few pictures of my boys.


That night we cooked a yummy dinner and played board games.

It was a relaxing and fantastic time.

I love spending time with my family.


The next day we drove into the park area.

Yellowstone is closed this time of year but you can still drive in some areas outside of it.

Another shot of the kids staring into the sun.

They love it when mom asks them to do that.

Ok, maybe not!


Jacob wanted me to take his picture by himself and he wanted to not smile so “it looks like an old-time photo.”

He ended up looking mad.

So we tried another one.


Much better.


And now for more scenery…





So that was really the extent of this day too.

We spent most of our time just hanging out at the cabin and enjoying having nothing to do.

The next day we packed up and headed back home.

And of course I took a few more shots on the way home.





Bye bye for now Tetons!



This was one of my favorite shots of my trip.

The beautiful morning sun coming up at the cabin.

The cabin was everything that this picture is,

warm, inviting, peaceful and beautiful.

Just what we needed.

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,

for His compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;

great is thy faithfulness.”

Lam 3:23


A glimpse of our Valentine’s Day. February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day was wonderful!

I thought I would just give you a little glimpse into our day’s highlights.

My sweet son woke me up with a hug and a kiss and told me “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in an excited whisper.

I pulled myself out of bed and joined half of my crew out on the couch.

 We all snuggled on the couch and daddy built a fire to warm up the living room.

After I got some coffee running through my veins I got up and made some yummy cinnamon rolls for the kids.


The kids had quite a few delicious treats throughout the day.

We made marshmallow pops….



We also had some cakeballs (cakepops without a stick)…..


These were treats we took to our first homeschool Valentine party.

A few homeschool families got together and had a wonderful time just being with friends and playing games and of course sharing valentines.

This was my kids first time ever having a valentines party!

This was also their first time making and exchanging valentines.

They had a great time and I am so happy we had a chance to do it this year.

So for all of you wonderful readers I would like to offer you a digital version of my kiddos valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you from Jude…..


and from Jonah….


and from Faith……


And from Jacob…


As part of the party I bought some fun photo booth props for the kids to play with.

They LOVED it!





These are great right?!

So after the party we took the kids to give Valentine’s to their grandparents and great-grandparents.

Then daddy took us out for a lovely dinner.

It was a fabulous day!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!

Much love from all of us to you.


Wyoming Winter Wonderland. February 1, 2013

I was trying to think of a quippy way to start off this blog post but I got nothing.

So I will just lay it out.

I have not blogged since December.

I have not blogged because I have had nothing blog worthy.

No really, I did not even take pictures for almost all of January!

No, I am not ill, just busy.

Finally, this week a creative nerve was struck.

It was a very chilly Wyoming morning and there was a beautiful frost all over the trees.

I decided that this day would be the day to venture out and play with my camera.

(As most of you know I am a wanna-be photographer)

With the kids all in tow, warm in their seats and watching a movie,

I headed to the river patch that I have access through via my dad.

I knew that area would have plenty of pretty things to photograph.

Here are all my favorites from the river.










While editing these I decided to try some new things and experiment with photoshop.

I learned a lot and I loved the light natural tones that came out in all of these pictures.

Since I was near my dad’s place I decided to take a few quick shots of some things that caught my eye.


Love the colors in this old tractor.


Had to throw in a couple of this beauty.


Such a magnificent animal.

After I left my dad’s I headed out-of-town a little ways because the kids were still very content watching their movie.

I headed down a country road hoping to find something else to shoot.

I did.




IMG_1837 B&W




So there it is….

My adventurous photo day.



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