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Animal Adventures. June 20, 2012

An animal adventure always starts right before you are supposed to pack up and head out-of-town.

At least that is what happened to us not long ago.

It was a dreary rainy day and I was buzzing around the house getting everything ready to head out-of-town for the weekend.

The kids were keeping themselves busy playing.

Then I noticed that I had not heard their noise in a few minutes so I knew something was up.

(All mothers know that noise is good. No noise usually means trouble.)

So I went looking.

This is what I saw out my front window.

I was wondering what the heck they were looking at.

I figured they found a worm or something.

Then Jacob runs in to tell me that they saved a bird!

Apparently, a cat had the bird in its mouth and they scared the cat off and now the bird was just “resting.”

My mom brain said “oh great a dead bird.”

So I grabbed my camera (cause the kids looked cute with the umbrella. Not because I wanted to photograph a dead bird mind you.)

and went outside to investigate.

Much to my surprise it was alive!

It was hurt though. The wing had been torn a bit because of the cat.

It was just sitting there so Jude decided to be the brave one and tried to pet it.

They were all so excited that they had saved this bird.

I knew I had to help the kids bring it in and care for it even though I was trying to pack.

It is moments like this that kids learn so much and you just have to put other things aside for a while.

So we brought the bird inside and I went straight to the internet to see how to care for a baby robin.

The kids and I decided we should feed it so it could get its strength.

I knew that it would probably die from the wound soon but I wanted to try.

First we feed him some formula.

He really liked it!

Then I told the boys we should try to feed him a worm.

They all ran outside and got shovels and started to dig.

They actually found many worms.

The rainy day was perfect weather for worm digging.


I was not sure the bird would eat it.


Much to our surprise it did!

Notice the ear to ear grin on Faith’s face. Pure joy.

Also Jude’s hands in the corner of the picture show him clapping in excitement.

They were thrilled!

This birdie was showing promise.

A little while later after the bird had rested for a while we decided to give him some water.

This was a very thrilling and memorable experience for the kids.

It was their first animal rescue.

Unfortunately, we had to leave later that day.

I called my dad and he agreed to take the bird while we were gone.

So the boys put 10 worms in a ziplock and some formula and syringe in a bag and said goodbye.

On the way out-of-town the kids were chatting about what had gone on and they decide they should name their bird.

Jacob mentioned how he liked that when the bird was sleeping he tucked his head under his wing.

So I suggested the name Tuck.

They loved it!

We found out the next day that Tuck had not made it through the night.

There was a few times I thought of lying and telling them that the bird went to a bird farm or flew away or something with a happy ending but I decided that lying would not really help them learn about anything.

I had been telling them from the beginning that he would most likely die.

So when I told them they were a bit sad but they understood.

Jonah said something that surprised me.

He said “Oh, that is sad. But the good thing is that we tried.”

He was absolutely right.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate,

slow to anger and rich in love.

The Lord is good to all;

he has compassion on all he has made.

Psalm 145:8-9

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4 Responses to “Animal Adventures.”

  1. Pam Says:

    LOVE it Chels! You are such a good mama!!!!!!

  2. Chrisanne Says:

    What a great teaching moment!!! And those life lessons are hard – but necessary. Jacob totally got it! And what a neat experience for the kids!! You are such an inspiration!

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