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Yellowstone Trip Part 3 November 6, 2012

I have to say that while editing the last groups of pictures I realized I have way too many to wrap the series up with part 3.

So yes, you can expect Part 4 to follow in a few days.

This trip was some time ago and I have enjoyed going back and looking through all of my shots.

The beauty of Yellowstone and of the Tetons is breathtaking.

One thing my children really enjoyed was looking for the animals.

We did see a lot of wildlife.

The Ranger gave my children a check list with pictures of all the animals to look for so every time we saw one they got to check one-off of their list.

The first large animal we got to check off  list was the buffalo.

We saw a lot of them!

The kids were excited to see the baby calves.

The next stop we made was to the mud volcano.

This may not look like much but it was actually pretty neat to see.

The ranger that was there giving facts and such about it told us why it smelled so bad. (like rotten eggs)

He even mentioned that some people would gag or pass out from the smell.

We all just thought it smelled like home…..

as in the hot springs here in our home town of Thermopolis.

Not my house itself, that does not smell of rotten eggs.

My children thought the bubbling mud volcano was fantastic.

They thought this was their favorite thing until we walked across the boardwalk a little ways and found this…

It may not look like much but even I will admit it was pretty cool.

If you’re wondering what it is this may help…

It really did seem like a large dragon was in the cave breathing and sloshing around the water.

So as you can imagine the children quickly changed their mind on what was their favorite site at the park.

This even beat out Old Faithful!

Had to share this one.

Not my best picture but man I love that grin Hope has on!

After we stopped to see the mud volcano and the dragon’s mouth cave we left and drove to go get some dinner and to start to head back to the cabin.

It was starting to get darker and we had some very tired little kiddos.

This of course did not stop me from stopping to take some pictures of the beautiful Yellowstone Lake.

So beautiful!

It was starting to get late and my husband decided that I had enough pictures of the lake and insisted we get headed back.

Then just when I thought I would put my camera away…

We came across this beautiful elk!

Just talking a little stroll down the side of the road.

I snapped 2 pictures of it as we drove by.

I was a bit bummed because we had been driving and it was moving in the opposite direction.

Then we came up on another elk.

This was a really great experience for the kids because this elk was very vocal.

The kids got to hear this elk bugle many times.

My dad was actually doing his best elk call and the bull responded!

It was really neat to hear him and see him. (The elk not my dad.)

The kids were so excited to get to check elk off their list!

It was a perfect end to the day.

We did eventually get back to the cabin and we got some much-needed rest.

The next day we did not see any new animals but man oh man did we seem some amazing things.

Check back in a few days to see the amazing sights that we saw!

Post # 4 will be up in a few days.


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One Response to “Yellowstone Trip Part 3”

  1. Chrisanne Says:

    Awesome pictures as always, Chelsey! I love the one of you and Hope. I cannot believe how much she has grown! I love the elk pictures. I bet the kids remember the elk bugle for a long time… what a great experience! Not sure if you saw but I posted on your wall and then emailed you. If you are like me, you have a whole inbox full of stuff waiting to be answered… one of these days I will get to it all. It may take me 10 years, but I really will get to it all eventually ! :) Anyway.. thanks for posting the pictures! Talk to you soon!

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