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Yellowstone Trip Part 4. (Last but not least) November 14, 2012

Last but not least!

The 4th installment of the Yellowstone trip.

I had to finish it so I could move on to the birthdays we are having around here.

This trip was too beautiful and fun to squeeze into 1 or even 2 posts though.

These pictures are from the last day of our trip.

I was so thankful that the smoke had finally cleared to reveal the beautiful Teton mountains.


There was still a bit of a haze but like I said I was thankful that they were even visible this day.

The days prior the smoke was so thick that you could not see them at all.

Another picture where mean mommy made the kids look into the sun.

After driving around a bit and stopping for an eye searing picture we headed up Signal Mountain to the amazing lookout points.

God’s Country.

These views were absolutely amazing.

You can see the smoke coming up from a new fire too.

The grand Tetons.

From the lookout points the kids enjoyed looking for animals in the binoculars.

Another view from atop Signal Mountain.

I really was in awe of God’s creation at this moment.

My beautiful girls with a beautiful backdrop.

My handsome boys.

I know many of you are gasping at this picture.

No worries it was not a straight drop off.

On the way back down Signal mountain I stopped to capture this picture of Mount Moran.

I also learned that this was my Grandmother’s favorite.

I love learning things like that.

Little tidbits about the ones you love.

Now we were headed to go eat lunch and we found the perfect spot….

Right on the edge of Jenny Lake.

Perfect place for a picnic.

It was also the perfect place for the kids to throw rocks into the water.

They had a blast doing that!

Papa was enjoying it too!

1,2,3 throw!

Then daddy had to get involved too.

It was a fun time for everyone.

Little princess Faith.

Little Princess Hope.

After eating and playing we decided to go on a ferry ride across the beautiful Jenny Lake.

The ferry takes you across and drops you off so you can hike up to the Hidden falls.

The kids really enjoyed the ferry ride.

This was Hope’s first time on a boat.

The view from the boat was again spectacular.

The water was like crystal, clear and shimmering.

So, so beautiful.

Once we got off the ferry we started our hike up to hidden falls.

The boys really enjoy hiking.

The terrain wa pretty rugged in some spots but they did not mind at all.

The bad part was Shane and I had to carry Hope.

Shane did almost all of the carrying up and I did the carrying down.

I almost died….just saying.

Daddy carrying Hope.

She had it easy!

The boys needed a break. I was very glad because I gladly took the break with them.

The scenery was so lovely as we hiked along.

The Hidden Falls.

Well worth the hike.

The kids were ready for a rest but feeling really accomplished for making it to the falls.

Me and my Dad.

Red faced and sweaty from the hike but I still like this picture.

After we took in the sight of the falls we started to head back down to take the ferry ride back.

Jonah and Papa headed back down.

This was such an amazing trip.

We had such a great time and saw some amazing things.

God’s creation is so spectacular!

I felt very blessed to be able to experience this trip with my family.

I cannot wait to go back again and again.


9 Responses to “Yellowstone Trip Part 4. (Last but not least)”

  1. Kandi Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures from your trip, I have loved all 4 of your posts. You take such beautiful pictures! I loved reading about your trip. Now I want to go to Yellowstone, it just went to the top of my list :)

  2. Chrisanne Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I share your awe for the Great Designer! And I am thoroughly enjoying the pictures of your beautiful family!! We miss you tons! If these pictures are to tempt your ND friends to come and see Wyoming for themselves, you are doing a fantastic job!!! Hoping to visit with you soon!

  3. ndhomekeeper Says:

    Beautiful photos … and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cynthia Swenson Says:

    Found you at Wise Woman link up. I loved your pictures of Yellowstone! I’ve lived in Wyoming (Gillette) almost 30 years & have only been to Yellowstone once for a short time. It was amazing! We spent most of our time at Old Faithful & that area. Your family is precious! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    • Thank you for stopping by! I have lived here my entire life as well and this was my first trip too. Crazy how that happens. Hopefully we can all make it back many times again. I appreciate you stopping by. Thanks!

  5. Ma Linda Says:

    Thanks Chelsey for creating such a special way to share our wonderful trip with all of you.It’s so beautiful under the Tetons, and it was a great experience being able to take it all in together. Not only are your pictures fabulous, but your small two-legged subjects are truly angels, and we are all blessed by them and God’s wonderul country.

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