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Wyoming Winter Wonderland. February 1, 2013

I was trying to think of a quippy way to start off this blog post but I got nothing.

So I will just lay it out.

I have not blogged since December.

I have not blogged because I have had nothing blog worthy.

No really, I did not even take pictures for almost all of January!

No, I am not ill, just busy.

Finally, this week a creative nerve was struck.

It was a very chilly Wyoming morning and there was a beautiful frost all over the trees.

I decided that this day would be the day to venture out and play with my camera.

(As most of you know I am a wanna-be photographer)

With the kids all in tow, warm in their seats and watching a movie,

I headed to the river patch that I have access through via my dad.

I knew that area would have plenty of pretty things to photograph.

Here are all my favorites from the river.










While editing these I decided to try some new things and experiment with photoshop.

I learned a lot and I loved the light natural tones that came out in all of these pictures.

Since I was near my dad’s place I decided to take a few quick shots of some things that caught my eye.


Love the colors in this old tractor.


Had to throw in a couple of this beauty.


Such a magnificent animal.

After I left my dad’s I headed out-of-town a little ways because the kids were still very content watching their movie.

I headed down a country road hoping to find something else to shoot.

I did.




IMG_1837 B&W




So there it is….

My adventurous photo day.

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6 Responses to “Wyoming Winter Wonderland.”

  1. John Herrin Says:

    love your photo’s chelsey, it was a beautiful frosty morning and you captured it all.

  2. Susan Says:

    Beautiful pictures. You’ve inspired me to get outside today and look at the winter wonderland.
    I comprehend your comment about not blogging lately. The “rules” say we should blog every day or at minimum regularly once a week. But I prefer to blog when something is on my heart.

    • Thank you so much! I hope you do venture out today and I hope you see something beautiful! I definitely agree with you about posting. I just cannot bring myself to blog until I feel like I have something that I want to share. I am not good at fabricating filler posts. Quality not quantity. :) Have a great day!

  3. Ma Linda Says:

    beautiful work Chelsey, glad you took a drive, glad to offer some subjects for you around the field,….no one can make a reed look as beautiful as you did :)

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